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Invest in solar funds – sustainable investment Berlin, 20.03.2012 – closed solar fund representing corporate investments in photovoltaic projects that generate income primarily through the fixed feed-in tariff for solar power. The participation of private investors is generally very attractive, in addition to the diversifying effect of risk distribution in an overall portfolio usually also an exceptionally safe and comparatively moderate return (about 4% to 8% p.a.) on the benefit side. Maturities are doing manageable graduated from 4 to 10 years is set to the feed-in tariff as important income component legally for 20 years. However, there are some caveats, because of course various arguments must be weighed as any capital investment against each other. Tax, the proceeds are considered income from business and must accordingly be taxed with the income tax return. Opened the environment for solar power Holds opportunities, but also risks may be electricity from photovoltaic systems and will in the near future without any problems into the existing power grid fed fixed compensation against State.

This is regulated by law in many countries, particularly in Europe. Site analyses, as well as a detailed technical specification of the used equipment can be calculated very exactly, what returns can be achieved with the relevant projected investment. This comparatively very accurate yield prediction is rather rare in the area of closed-end funds. But there are two hooks to be observed: one is in turn connected with the technology. First of all the expensive and not always easy to be procured Silicon used for solar cells here there were problems with the timely procurement and the related dates of completion in the past from time to time. Also, technical defects can occur, which were previously not so predictable such influences are reflected directly on the expected yield,. because as long as can be fed or not as planned, also no corresponding payment flow.

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