Euro STOXX Select Dividend

Optionsspreads traded, a combination of options and futures, and occasionally at certain times a Spreadstrategie with commodity futures. Credit spreads, aimed at, that you pay the entering into certain positions from the market can be preferable the still but offer chances to win. Ceros pattern Neuman total return managed account as basic investment? Ceros pattern is sure to be able to offer a very solid trading strategy with the new managed account. We have checked with Valerio Jacobi by Ceros pattern… Swarmed by offers, Southwest Airlines is currently assessing future choices. “Mr. Jacobi, many well-known investment companies, after the great bear market of 2000-2003 of the experiment” total return took part, have failed with their products, because they have not reached preserving the value of their investment funds at the time even with a high proportion of bond. The note on the total return is intent, even in the Naming of Ceros pattern Neumann total return managed accounts an integral part. Investment instruments, which are as much chance-oriented are used however.

Is this the better way to achieve stable income? What is it? Valerio Jacobi: The objectives of this managed accounts are highly connected, but as we have seen in the past, quite realistic. It aims to achieve a positive performance each year and both the Euro STOXX Select Dividend 30 index as also the HFRX absolute return index as a benchmark to beat. The basic investment should provide the necessary return, when stock markets rise. By ensuring constant dips in the stock market will move this managed account hardly affected. The hedging costs are covered by the additional trades and the dividends so you no worse than the index records if the trades go up. Also the additional trades over the Hedgekosten to generate yield, additionally in all market conditions, so that the performance of each 12-month period never negative should be. How is risk and money management structured, so that drawdown phase can effectively be limited? Valerio Jacobi: The basic portfolio is hedged at any time and the hedging is always adjusted upwards when stock markets rise.

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