EU Finance Ministers

US stocks rise on Friday + 1prozent, the American currency also strongly asserted itself US shares rise on Friday at + 1%, the American currency is also strongly alleged that labour market data were highly than expected and all signs of a more stable economy. In addition, this data will be strong arguments for the fed to reduce the bond purchases in September. The jobs away from the economy increased on 196000 in June. The unemployment rate remained at 7.6%, this is an important indicator, since Ben Bernanke has mentioned several times that the unemployment rate of 6.5% is sought, this factor is seen as an important indication that the economic situation is stable. On the currency market, the greenback shows its strength.

The euro no longer noted as weak as already since may, the downward trend should stop the week and meets deep support for 1,2795. Also improved the US dollar against the Japanese yen and quoted above half the 100 mark at 101,24, anticipated will be a more Rise in the week to the old record high at 103,58. in relation to the US currency remain raw materials under pressure. Gold falls more steadily and currently listed at 1233,82. Today meet EU Finance Ministers in Brussels to discuss the third Rettungspacket for Greece of 8.1 billion euros. The Troika reported gradual reforms and incomplete implementation of the reforms. Oil is still in demand and increases the further unrest in Egypt. The barrel of the variety of STI 102,94 is currently $ traded.

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