Many people today dream of buying an apartment, and when the opportunity comes, there is a dilemma: to apply to real estate or buy an apartment without a middleman. There are certain nuances of the sale apartments which take into account non-professional is very difficult. The main risk is a dangerous and legal aspect of the contract, as even the smallest negligence in the commission of sale may lead to the fact that the buyer can deprived of ownership of real property. Accurate statistics trades without intermediaries are not kept, but a real estate transaction without the participation of real estate agents happen quite often. Specialists real estate companies call these transactions 'unprotected'. (Similarly see: Michael Webster). But today, a buyer or a seller of real estate can be a deal independently and safely, if at some stages will use the services and rietorov lawyers. If you decide to do their own searching and buying an apartment, you can find some slozhnostyami.Poisk apartment search – one of the most time-consuming steps in an apartment, it should take you a lot of time and effort. To date, much of the ad for the sale of real estate advertising is in the open sources – newspapers, internet, television.

Have to regularly monitor for sale, analyze and to ring them. In the public domain mainly contains up to 70% of 'waste', that is untested and unreliable information. One person view and work out all the offers of real estate market simply does not enough time, whereas in the real estate company that professionally engaged hundreds of people.

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