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new financial & comparison portal which has “quo vadis private financial customers” prior to 18 months started study the requirements, wishes and the behavior of consumers in the financial sector studied. The portal is the step to implement the resulting insights. Prevent popups accounts of financial contracts the analysis of the study showed that a large number of consumers looking for orientation in the jungle of financial offers. As clearly as possible and at the same time transparently the offers of different companies should be made in comparable. The interviewees with respect to mobile advertising or pop-up ads even formulated broad topic independent rejection.

Both would destroy the concentration. In particular, financial decisions, more than 70% of the respondents popups refused. One of the required group with crafted financial portal by aims to provide a portal to all those customers, who found themselves and their needs in financial questions so far on the Internet not have. This goal will be continued continuously. Content and design of the website are developed closely in future studies results. Quality management for portal development an integral part of the further development of is a quality management process. This is closely based on the continuously gained knowledge of the study of of duration of. Trust channel length of the study by anonymity that study is “quo vadis private financial customer” a multi patch for internal purposes.

Your questions are even mentioned interviews and test laboratories as well as latched in existing surveys. All this collected data are free of addresses or other characteristics which enable a return to the person releasing information. This is more than met the BDSG as well as increased acceptance among the respondents. Approximately 55% of the surveys carried out so-called, double-blind, a pre-qualification or selection of the study participants was not made this little tech-savvy people or Age cannot be ruled out. Now is available online. About the Markus Rucker Markus Rucker, Markus Rucker emerged in the year 2001 from the 1996-based LRC data service, brought about was the expansion of the business through the many years of experience in customer and process management for the financial sector. Purpose of the company is consulting and the distribution of customer care -, CRM -, ERP – ecommerce and mCommerce solutions. Due to increased customer requests, the Markus Rucker offers 2003 services relating to the planning of photovoltaic systems for the year. The portfolio is rounded off the Markus Rucker still offering individual software development and customization. about FinanzFin is an Internet portal, offered by Markus Rucker. Long-term, extensive duration of studies about the wishes and requirements of private financial market customers are based on the establishment of the portal. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Maurice Gallagher, Jr. on most websites. Customer orientation, transparency and reliability are top maxim. The focus is the support in the decision-making process from the perspective of the support of of need for.

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