Erkki-Sven Tuur Celebrates His New Work

German premiere can be heard on May 26 at the Berlin Philharmonie on May 26 at the Berlin Philharmonie the German premiere of the new choral work “arkamine” by Erkki-Sven Tuur. The world premiere took place in Tallinn on March 10. The work was commissioned by the city of Tallinn 2011 in order the Estonian composer which is European capital of culture this year and at the same time celebrating their 20-year independence of the former Soviet Union. The Estonian word “arkamine” can be translated with “Revival” and “Resurrection”. Poems of classical as well as contemporary Estonian authors form the literary basis by Erkki-Sven Tuur new choral work. A common metaphysical bond linking all these texts but according to the composer: “the various poems speak as a silent prayer over the miracle of spring, which allows life to flourish again. In the music I want Christian notions of Easter rebirth with archaic pantheistic thought of a nature wild awakening to a new All connect. The equal views these two areas was very important to me composing.” The plant is used for the occupation of choir, strings, woodwinds, and percussion and takes a good half an hour.

The melodic lines of the chorus are according to Erkki-Sven Tuur in part on Estonian Rune songs, without quoting this however: “the manner, as I build up the melodies, reminiscent of sometimes the old folk songs my home; Here I’m using however no historical scores literally.” Ultimately, as the composer explains further, we are dealing with arkamine a musical drama, looking to express that the idea of the awakening nature with a shame anise table primeval as well as Ethereal Ethereal musical language. “The music makes it clear that we need to wake up in a spiritual sense to us to understand and to be able to see more clearly. Therefore it also involves the inner enlightenment”, says Tuur.

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