Environmental Safety System

Certification of environmental security – a complex of measures aimed at creating and implementing the most effective and modern system of environmental management. Certification of environmental security is held in manner prescribed by iso 14001. The standard adopted by the International Organization for Standardization and is used in most countries. As for Russia, we have introduced their version – iso 14001 – 2007. Like other standards of this group, it is actually a translation of the international iso 14001 standard.

Before proceeding to certification of environmental security, every organization needs to develop properly execute and implement the system environmental management system conforming to the requirements of the standard. The first step towards this should be the creation of their own environmental policies of the enterprise. To certification of environmental safety was successfully, you need to bring policy in line with the following requirements: – enterprise policy on the environment should adequately reflect the scope and scale of its activities – must comply with all applicable rules legislation – certification of environmental security implies that environmental policy organization focused on the further improvement and permanent reduction of environmental pollution; – environmental policy must be accessible and understandable not only to all employees of the enterprise, but also the general public. Certification of environmental security is not only aimed at assessing the quality of policy enterprise. Before you create an environmental management system, you must determine what aspects of the company have a significant impact on the environment. This takes into account and perspective direction of the enterprise. The next step in the certification of environmental safety will be to identify the most specific and clear goals and objectives of the company in the field of ecology. All they have to comply and the overall enterprise policy, and regulatory requirements. Based on these objectives formulated a program to achieve them, shared the duties and responsibilities. When an environmental management system fully developed and implemented, involved an expert organization that provides certification and environmental safety.

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