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Exclusive colours for VW, Skoda and seat Gera, August 23, 2011 – the Thuringian company KEYART key cover (www.keyart.de) expanded its product range to four new colors. The high-quality key covers are “flowers pink design” for the folding key of vehicle models from VW, seat and Skoda starting immediately in the colours Pearl beige, silver, yellow, as well as in the design available. With the new and stylish covers, customers can now more individual make their car keys. “Individuality is taken seriously today. Each of us wants to present his own style in everyday life and stand out from others”, explains KEYART owner Claudia Pitschel. “Together with the new colors, we now offer the cover in 15 variations and have the suitable colour for everyone.” The new collection includes the colours Pearl beige, silver, yellow, as well as the design “pink design flowers”. The covers make the otherwise unspectacular key to a real eye-catcher and him at the same time also protect against scratches and others Environmental influences.

Thanks to the high quality material and the coating is also always good in the hand. “In addition to a special design we emphasize natural our products on the quality and functionality. Our key cover produced in a multi-stage coating process by a regional network of partners and of course do not restrict the use of the key”, so PAL. “The exchange of the hull is very easy: as if a mobile cover be the shells attached just.” For Audi owners offering the Thuringian company exclusive nappa leather coated cover (). These are manufactured in handcrafted in our own production.

A total of 19 colours are available. PAL: “the Audi-cover in carbon Optics is especially popular: noble and individually – just like an Audi.” Printable photos free of charge: de / keyart company description about KEYART key cover: KEYART key cover has its headquarters in Gera, Thuringia. The young Company has specialized in producing individual key cover for car keys and works closely with companies from Thuringia in the production.

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