Enterprise Management

1. Introduction the main focus of this study is to develop theory concerning the advantages that the microns and small enterprises can add to its business if possess a vision macro of the performance field, for such becomes necessary one brief introduction so that if it establishes the starting point. In the current world, in a market that is each time more ' ' agressivo' ' that demands the constant search for mechanisms guided to a strategical vision which assists it in the identification of factors that can cause some impact in the organization, either positive or negative it. So that a company reach its corporative support is necessary a competitive strategical management and at the same time come back toward the growth. In the current days it has the increasing awareness of managemental the practical entrepreneurs who focam the development of new independent of its transport, this constant comes gradual if fortifying in the organizations that for efficient ways search the support in this manner and the survival in the world globalizado, as Saints et al (2000) ' ' In last the three decades, the Brazilian organizations, private as in such a way public, of increasing form had passed if to acquire knowledge of the importance of the revision of its models of gesto' ' It is fact that the management conservative with a closed vision is if become obsolete and its natural trend it is the disappearance in way to as many ideas that they had been arising mainly from the decade of 70 where the first new steps for the practical ones of enterprise management had been given. The entrepreneur who has as north this vision macro has greaters chances of if fortifying and gaining its space in the market, with this the companies with vision micron, that is, conservatives finish being ' ' engolidas' ' for the new and aggressive forms of management with vision of all.

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