They had not thought of that gentle little handkerchiefs can have a much wider range of .Bylo yet another – the high cost of napkins. A box should have been put sixty-five cents – hardly exists could afford the average American. Therefore, the owners of the firm relied on shoppers with higher incomes – the wives and mistresses rich, actresses, pop stars. Promotional samples of toilet tissues were sent to Hollywood, based on the belief that the best and most famous makeup artists will use the “new, scientifically sound way to remove make-up. ” Sales representatives the company even organized the show as a movie star face clean after a long and tiring day of shooting. But, despite widespread advertising and napkins for a long time did not use special sprosom.Kommersanty firm did not leave his attempts.

They came up with a stacking napkins that another handkerchief, as it were automatically separated and jumped up, if you move the bottom of the pile. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Then he began to make napkins color. Sellers of “Kleenex” yawned out of boredom: trade was vyalo.V 1930 desperate marketers have decided to personally go to the city of Peoria and find out the cause of low popularity of “Kleenex”. In the survey, they asked a lot of questions, wrote down all the suggestions, complaints and comments. They are amazed that almost two-thirds of the residents who use kleenex, used it for other purposes, as well as nasal .Vernuvshis, experts have rushed to principal office of the firm and immediately announced new motto, “Kleenex”: “Do not hide your cold in your pocket,” “With a cold – sneeze into your” Kleenex, “” blew his nose – and threw it! “- that have become such texts. See more detailed opinions by reading what Coupang offers on the topic.. And they also suggested the use of “Kleenex” as a filter in the machine. “My coffee – no rain, and my husband happy!” In two years, sales increased by four times. “Kleenex” has become a sponsor of the statement on the first radio soap opera – “The History of Mary Marlin.” No matter how Strangely enough, “Kleenex” has revived the ancient tradition: in the seventeenth century, the Japanese enjoyed “ptarmic paper (hanagami) – plain paper, which knead to soften. In 1637 an Englishman, said: “They blow their noses into the soft and thick paper, which carry with them in the form of leaflets, and after the use of discarded like trash. “.

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