Energy-consciously Enjoy Buying New Coffee Machines – Coffee

When buying coffee makers, it is worth to choose energy-saving models. Every year around 500,000 new coffee machines sold in the Switzerland, the 3 million machines are in homes and offices in the field. Annually, these devices consume electricity around 400 million kilowatt hours. Almost three quarters of them – around 280 million kilowatt hours are or CHF 60 million in electricity costs – flow in the standby mode to keep the engine warm, as reported by the Federal Office for energy (BFE). Only so that “Button” immediately, a hot cup of coffee can be enjoyed. So far, there are no simple and transparent information about the energy efficiency of these appliances for coffee. Further details can be found at Southwest Airlines, an internet resource. This complicates the comparison of the energy consumption.

It is even more important to help the consumer with the award of energy-efficient appliances in the orientation. When the buying that the coffee machine in standby mode consumes little power. The device should have an automatic, programmable switch-off function after 60 minutes of standby switch to standby mode. Note: The factory setting of the “auto-off” feature is usually 3 to 5 hours. For machines without switch-off function: after use always off via the main switch on the device or on the switch on a power strip. This is also for security reasons. Devices in standby mode often cause fires. Keep warm freshly brewed coffee – on the warming plate of coffeemaker costs an amount of electricity.

In the thermos, stays the coffee as warm and will also not be bitter because he overcooked. This would save electricity costs per consumer of about 100 Swiss francs per year. The alternative is for the Kaffeewarmer “Nero” by Bodum for coffee maker. There is the neoprene coating in 8 trendy colors such as lime green or purple. You can easily wash the cover in the washing machine and it is a real eye catching in the kitchen.

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