Empowerment Seminar

Authentic horse Arts GmbH – empowerment is the seminar for stress management and burnout prevention with support of horses as the science man subjected to constant developments. The topic of Burnout affects us all. On the one hand, professional life at highest level requires our commitment and our commitment. On the other hand are leaders suspended a respectful and wertschatzendem value handling, is aimed at promotion of employees. Burnout is now on everyone’s lips and popular before it seems as rare to hit the nerve of many trying to keep up with the pressure. Feelings of overwork or exhaustion can be triggered to high ideals and to high standards themselves E.g.

to high continuous commitment. Burnout is a process which describes the system where on the basis of dealing with stress in the affected first the urge turns up, to make it even better. The increased efforts often lead to a neglect of the own needs. As a result, there are often emotional changes such as nervousness, rapidly changing moods, irritability or cynicism watching. In the cognitive field, poor concentration, distraction and forgetfulness are not uncommon. As causes of Burnout trigger in the workplace are eligible: unclear working structures poor operating climate was unresolved conflicts unclear defined roles and expectations in the research itself, so far no specific Burnout stressor identified. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. Prevention and self-care is to detect the Burnout cycle the target and interrupt him. Recognize the often gradually increasing load and to engage consciously with the incriminating and exculpatory factors is the challenge – is the first step towards the prevention of burnout.

Whether developed Burnout, is dependent on the environment and dealing with stress. So the workplace-related circumstance affecting and personal skills the development of Burnouts.Es applies both in terms of work-related, as well as on the level support approaches to choose. Right here is the work with the horses. The horses reflect the people in its unbiased way, his behavior and the kind and way how he deal with exceptional situations. We know the problem is the first step in the development process that leaves the action need be aware. To problem recognizing with subsequent behavior correction, the seminar participants solve problems with horses. The exercises with the horses based on the phases of the Burnout process. On a very sensitive and specific-loving way, the horses lead the people to the place of its potential and go unusual ways with him. As a result of the seminar boundaries by participating among others, resources and the benevolent handling use new possibilities of action, checked their own claims, conscious of their own even called. For all of us, it is valuable to recognize the own Burnout cycle, and to take responsibility for their own self care. In the seminars the participants experience the power of the horses and draw strength from nature – the life forces are awakened. Empowerment with the help of horses, the special way. January 30, 2010, Veronika Barczak, authentic horse Arts GmbH, management training and team development with horses

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