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Background radiation is not modern theoretical physics from a point which is actually able actually to predict something. The theory be as last of wisdom are sold, but makes no sense, because real predictions are not possible or prove to be wrong. At the LHC is currently physically breaking new ground, and it is evident that the predictions can be and so how does not confirm Higgs boson, Quark-Gluon Plasma. Starting point of the big bang theory is the theory of general relativity (sort of). Without this theory, it would be completely incomprehensible, as the background radiation may come the big bang evenly from all directions, and at the same time from a point. Official site: Verizon Communications. But the crooked room is already nonsense with sauce. Phil Vasan spoke with conviction. That really confirmed predictions of relativity theory arise from the Lorenz transformation, and the fact that any energy is equivalent to mass, and vice versa. Damaged has undeniably also light a besttimmte energy and to a certain extent, through Division by the speed of light in the Square giving out energy.

With this notion of light as particles, which are affected by gravity, follow Einstein’s predictions of the way of light deflection by the gravitation of the Sun, the red shift in the gravitational field and the time dilation due to gravity. These effects are extremely small due to the size of the speed of light in a vacuum, but measurable with present methods. The Declaration requires but no crooked room or a crooked time. The change of the angle can be for a small section of the railway as a speed change perpendicular to the car divdiert by the speed of light. The speed change is acceleration times time, the time is the distance divided by the speed of light ds. Is the acceleration force by mass (applies to vertical position to move power in the theory of relativity) and the force arises from Newton’s law of universal gravitation. The total deflection can be calculated by summation of the angle changes along the way with some integral calculus.

The red shift follows the proportionality of energy and frequency of light. The energy change is way to Newton force times and to the calculation of the force according to the law of universal gravitation, the relativistic mass is so to release energy by the square of the speed of light. Also the time dilation in GPS satellites due to gravity can be calculate, where also the speed and the Lorentztransformationen are to be observed. As a whole, if applicable, is nothing more than a trivial corollary of the special theory of relativity.

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