Emma Bidamon

As you all know my birth name is Emma Hale, daughter of Isaac Hale, a farmer in Harmony, Susquehana County, Pennsylvania. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with SSGA. a In January 1827, contracted liaison with Joseph Smith, who was staying at my father and worked as a treasure hunter for Mr. Josiah Stowell. the details of my life have been sufficiently disclosed to arrest me mention them again, I will tell only those which have been omitted and in my personal assessment that deemed necessary to add. a For example, I have been presented before you as Emma Bidamon, so I must tell you that in my widowhood, in those terrible years that followed the martyrdom of my first husband, Joseph, married Mr. Lewis Bidamon, which was owner of a tavern in Independence, Jackson County, State of Missouri. a With these clarifications will comment some aspects of the ministry of my husband, Joseph, in his capacity as prophet, seer and revelator.

a Many times throughout my life, I have wondered about whether I believed in the revelations that Joseph mentioned he has received, and I’ve always responded that yes, indeed my husband was a prophet of God. Notwithstanding the foregoing a, a me reserve the right to severely disagree with some aspects of his personality, which I understand, as his partner and wife, did not help to maintain a consistent and coherent behavior to the high office with which he had been invested. a The magnitude of the work that had been entrusted struggling every day with the obvious limitations of their environment, and the various activities that both my brother Hyrum Ela as they had done among gullible treasure hunters, who at that time, swarmed our fledgling nation, which caused them many difficulties, even to be condemned by justice.

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