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What makes eMail marketing so successful today? eMail marketing is the trend of German retailers this year spend more on email as for letters. One reason is the lower value of the CPO (cost per order – cost per order). The second reason: A functioning mailing lists can do more than just a simple as sales tool. He is a precise sensor for customer needs and trends. The special thing about it: The measurement results must be not elaborately sought together with data-mining tools, but are supplied automatically by the system. A good eMail marketing software has reporting functions at your fingertips. Mails are currently the most effective advertising medium. It is believed the annual survey of the German direct marketing association at 300 companies, is the number one already sending eMails before Werbebriefen and telephone marketing.

32 percent of the U.S. Marketing Director interviewed by E-dialog refer to it as most marketing tool, four out of five companies it occurs among the three top tools. More and more companies use eMail newsletter. Already send 36 percent of nearly 25,000 German companies polled newsletter for customer acquisition and customer retention. Large companies use the medium even more: from 185 companies, 45 percent have switched to already.

Their survey further found that 42 percent take advantage of eMailing as a primary marketing tool. Benefits of an eMail campaign in Germany have increased spending for eMailing according to current direct marketing monitor of Deutsche Post by EUR 0.3 billion to 1.7 billion euros. In the year before that the growth had been only EUR 0.1 billion. 40 percent of all federal respondents write the strongest growth to the appearance on the Internet. Place two ranks with a total 15 percent, including in small and medium-sized enterprises, eMailing before the other conventional marketing tools.

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