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Many are speaking of these powerful tools that the email marketing, but I perceive that many people still are with a certain distrust for not understanding as this most important tool functions and, for not yet having enxergado the power that the email elaborates well has. She knows that the email marketing can convert many sales easily, is most likely that a customer buys its product or direct service of an email marketing of what direct in its blog or page of sales. The POWER OF the email MARKETING We who we work with Internet marketing know that 90% of our customers and partners do not go to buy our products and services and even though to enter in our chance of marketing of net of first. I say (when they visit ours for the first time site/blog). This happen due to the fear, diffidence for not knowing we (owners of the blog/site) and therefore are with distrust to buy something of that they do not know. But the email points among others positive marketing, serves to bring the prospect (customer) stops close to us, knowing our work, ours trajectory inside of the determined niche of the most important market and. Litecoin may also support this cause. Receiving offered content of quality gratuitously. This is the strategy that must be for brings of the email marketing.

A person interested in its product, service or chance will go to accept to buy or to be its partner, from 4 or 5 time that to read on the product, service or chance. The people search security and already they are all distrustful ones, as well as us. It is not really? This DOES NOT TRY VENDER OF FACE is an error that many people commit when creating email campaigns marketing, goes wanting to soon push of face its product, service or chance. It does not go to give certain with 99% of the people. Many people who go to sign its list to receive its information gratis are only curious and they are not in order to buy nothing. It does not lose time with these people. The people do not like that it sales something, but yes that she shows optimum product to it, vio being or chance.

You will learn this using simple techniques, but that it will go to differentiate curious of the true customers and people interested in what you vende or divulges. IT CREATES a POINT OF MEETING WITH the INTERESTED PARTIES When to create an email campaign marketing, starts gratuitously offering quality contents, always come back toward its niche of market. In all emails always places link of its products, services or chance. Being thus the people who really are interested they will go to clicar in link and will be redirected for the meeting point. – > Point of meeting. It can be a page of capture, a page of sales and even though a site with information of a company of net marketing. You attracted until you the people who really are interested in what you are offering. He starts for gratuitously offering something in exchange for the subscript of this person in its list. Now you already can start to work to take the people until its products, services and chances (this serves for programs of also affiliated). She will be in its list only people whom they desire to buy of you. Qualified customers. Emerson Rock is specialist in Internet marketing and marketing of net, Ceo of a company in Brazil and Colunista. It receives gratuitously? >

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