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At this time in which the Spam filters are more and more strong, to cause that emails of our campaign of email Marketing arrives correctly at the tray of entrance of our suscriptos it represents a greater challenge every time. Here I present/display 5 advice to avoid to be catalogued like spammers and to be able to take to our campaign of email Marketing to end without problems: 1) To request permission: First that we must do it is to request permission to suscripto to add it to our list of emails and soon to ask to him that to confir this subscription to me. This allows us to verify that the email account is of the same person who requested the undesired subscription and to avoid to send emails. 2) Direction of the subscriber: When we ask our visitors who subscribe to our list of email we must perdir to them that as far as possible they give a direction us that is not of gratuitous mail (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) or at least their primary direction. 3) Format of the email: To use HTML in ours emails is very useful for intentions of branding, but also the majority of emails of Spam is HTML. Unless to send emails in HTML is totally necessary is recommendable to send emails of flat text whenever it is possible.

4) Content: The content is the most important part of your email, is good for avoiding that the content is only images. If we are going to cause that our content is only of text we must avoid that it contains key words that normally are used to make Spam. 5) Maintenance of the list: If a same direction of mail presents/displays 2 or 3 bounces in a time interval of 30 days we must remove it of our list. To send emails to mail directions that no longer exist can cause that the ISP catalogue our direction of email like Spam. Following these 5 simple advice we would have to improve our percentage of emails sent correctly.

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