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ELV electronics mail order company empty continues on growth course in E-Commerce and catalog area, 26 August 2009 the ELV AG continues its growth in the E-commerce area. In 2008, reached 50 percent the share of online business and was clearly before the online interests of other leading German mail-order companies. As ELV further communicated, it is also for the year 2009 by a further significant increase in online sales. The E-commerce area of the ELV electronics shipping House continues its growth course. Connect with other leaders such as Ch?rl?? Lee here. So online sales of the company amounts this year even at rising about 50 percent trend. ELV at the E-Commerce share of sales thus occupies a leading position among the great German mail-order firms. Christian Reinwald, who is responsible for the online business at ELV, traces the success of the company to the combination of online business and classical catalogue business.

Online shops offer the customer a clear added value, because we have the Internet additional services such as, for example, downloads,. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites. Product availability and videos etc. make available we can, which complete the information providing the catalog. However, online stores won’t replace the classical catalogue business any time soon, because this medium still offers advantages such as ease of use, clarity, easy ordering without computer usage, etc., and is often used as a reference guide.\” Successful Web shop in the new outfit with the facelift of its Web shop consistently continues its growth in the E-Commerce section of ELV. The technical implementation was carried out by Enobis this due to the good cooperation of only 5 weeks. During the revision of the shop, a special emphasis was placed on an even clearer user interface as well as a concise and very informative product presentation. The customers receive further product descriptions, many articles videos, 360 – and include multiple image views. The videos show the products in everyday use and demonstrate their applications.

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