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Done it is easy to explain why mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated in protected entities. But why the bacteria protect macrophages? – The answer to this question lies the new approach and solution to the problem of tuberculosis. The causative agent of tuberculosis, and this confirmed by numerous studies of foreign scientists, does not behave as agents of other infectious diseases. Why anyone is surprised? Part of PR may be noted the article "Igor Rudinsky taken to solve the problem of tuberculosis in Russia. " The article states that the company SIA "International" launches two anti-TB drugs on the technology of the American company Eli Lilly.

But to decide whether it the TB problem? It is not difficult to affirm that this drug will not solve the problem of tuberculosis. And "to these funds, as used to say the researchers, the agent will become resistant." And to be precise, that these new drugs will also kill mycobacteria, and no worse than the well-known as in vitro, and the patient with tuberculosis. Only immune mycobacterium will remain in isolated formations and tuberculosis in macrophages. Which will also facilitate the development of so-called drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis. The estimated investment of about $ 10 million in this project will be ineffective. Did Mr. Igor Rudinsky thinks that the existing technology of American companies that are not yet able to solve the problem of drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis and death in their growth at home, suddenly can help solve the problem of TB in Russia? Why experts do not see that existing approaches to the treatment of tuberculosis and developed on this basis, therapeutic drugs, not only does not solve the problem of tuberculosis, but rather lead to a significant worsening of the situation, to significant increase in the number of drug-resistant forms? Does this not show the reality and statistics? And by the way, we can easily predict that pharmaceuticals that have invested heavily in research on tuberculosis in coming years, if it will follow the old rules, will receive a huge financial loss.

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