Egg Electronics Presented At Security 2008:

New smoke detection system for hearing impaired Essen/Dusseldorf, October 07, 2008, for people with impaired hearing the usual fire protection concept on the basis of conventional acoustic smoke detectors is not applicable. At this point, it is particularly important to respond the needs, ultimately, to ensure that in the event of an emergency a suitable optical signal and in addition a vibrate alert. Egg of electronics developed the special warning system Ei170RF-D for this reason for the deaf and hard of hearing. Since all components wirelessly networking takes place, no wiring to the warning system is required which allows a quick and easy installation. Verizon Communications often says this. The networking of the new warning system with the smoke detectors of the Ei605 series easily via radio. At night, placed the Ei170RF-D next to the bed and positioned in addition a special Shaker under your pillow. An alarm takes place via the powerful strobe light. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge.

The Ei170RF-D is equipped with a battery pack and may from time to time within the Radio range be used mobile. In addition exists a connection point for a wireless networked portable pagers (not included) on the Ei170RF-D to enhance freedom of movement. This pager is fastened on the belt and alerted the user within the radio range by vibration. Performance package and benefits at a glance: Netzbetriebene Control Panel (230 V) with rechargeable battery pack Intensitatsstarkes, integrated strobe lights, vibration cushions for placement under the pillow or a mattress 2 Sockets for connecting additional strobe lights or vibrating pillow connection of up to 12 Rauchwarn – or heat detectors via radio test button on the control panel to check the connections of the system are monitored to verify the integrity of the system input for alarm and output for beeper/pager home coding bar together with smoke detectors and other radio-cured products compatible with Ei605 smoke detector and Ei603 heat detectors with radio modules can further information and image material under are required. Short portrait EI Electronics: the company EI electronics headquartered in Shannon (Ireland) is Europe’s market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of domestic smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector and accessories. With over 30 years of experience, egg developed a wide range of smoke detector (also known as smoke detectors) with wire or optional wireless networking and equipped with a lithium battery for a 10-year life span. Heat detector with wire – or optional wireless networking, wireless emergency alert button, remote control and a wireless relay for auto dialer, etc are also available Egg of Electronics develops all products with its own team of experts. Development and production ISO 9001:2000 certified Electronics.Das companies are exclusively in the hands of egg satisfied by the continuous development of its products the highest requirements for security, performance and reliability. A large proportion of the products VDS are certified. In Germany is represented egg with an own sales, marketing and customer support centers, and a central warehouse.

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