Effective Marketing Techniques

One of the most effective techniques to drive traffic to our sites of interest and convert your visitors into potential customers, is based on the Marketing with articles. However, there are very common mistakes made by the boosters to submit their articles in different directories that exist on the Web. Let’s take a look of the errors that are frequented by grouping them into 3 essential considerations: 1. Confusion between, why promote articles with the reason only to write them. The main benefit of writing an article, is the creation of the brand of the author, who generated his promotion and promulgation on the web, thanks to its effort to generate the information. This is linked to report on topics that are important and of interest to readers.

The author must earn trust, with the aim that when the reader finishes the article select the link placed in the signature, either wants to sell a product/service or to which redirects to another web page. 2 Best optimize the opportunities that has the article on marketing. The purpose of the article is to promote a link that has benefit for the author; but did you know that you can attract one greater number of visitors and obtain better results with the search engine with the help of the content of that article? To achieve this it is necessary to provide the words keys relevant in strategic locations within the article; taking into account that we must not exaggerate, a recommendation is to use the word or phrase key with a frequency of 7 to 8 times in an article that contains at least 400 words; It is important to appear in the title, in the first paragraph, in the last paragraph and 2 to 3 times in the intermediate paragraphs. 3. Creation of articles with little content important for readers (poor content) is not correct only create an article that in your signature has a link that readers can visit from different directories where published the article; most importantly, generate credibility the visitor with a good article content for that the reader take confidence and wish to inquire more about its author. The benefits of an author with thousands of visitors to your link should be one sufficient incentive so you try to write an informative article of quality. The choice is totally yours, on how you dedicaras him time and quality to your article to have it generate the desired benefits, do not see it as an obstacle, there are many places where you can research a topic or you can even hire a writer option worthy of consideration. Davir Bonilla Ingeniero Civil, seeking economic independence, working from home on the internet.

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