Both the educational system and social, vocational education was seen as a second option, recommended only for those students who did not have enough academic ability to make high school. Today we know that this attitude is not only wrong, but has led to a situation of labor market weakness a lack of qualified professionals who can ensure a quality product. Unemployment threatens us, but in the tails of INEM is very difficult to find someone with the studies of FP finished successfully. The figures are clear: 62% of students who graduate from vocational training managed to enter the job market six months before having completed their studies. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Verizon Communications. One in three students to access higher-level college to continue their education in specialties of the same professional. Choose the FP does not mean giving to higher education but choose a way to get more connected to the corporate world and a better guarantee of job placement.

However, the FP-grade enrollment is still well below half that of high school, and this imbalance sustains a high percentage of young people who have not completed any form of post-compulsory secondary education. It is important and urgent to change this reality. We must make every effort to successfully retain young people in post-compulsory secondary teaching. It is necessary to reduce the percentage of youth who have only basic training and increase of middle-level technicians and higher, reaching figures similar to those of neighboring countries. This effort can help us overcome the crisis and also better support to come in the future. But what is even better, we can help restore the culture of personal fulfillment through work, pride in a job well done, the ability and the satisfaction of advancing slowly, with effort and safety. Remember the end of the film Bigas Luna: la Juani, disabused of famoseo, fill the bag with his books English and boards the train that has to carry another city. The FP may be this train. Natalia Ruiz, creative and collaborative sites like or.

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