EASYDENTIC Group: Emissions 2,4-fach Oversubscribed

EASYDENTIC group: Successful capital increase of EUR 14.1 million Mannheim, in October 2009: the EASYDENTIC group, one of the leading European companies in the field of innovative technologies for enterprise security, announces the successful completion and the final modalities of its capital increase by 8 July 2009 known with exclusion of pre-emptive rights and subscription period. The existing shareholders as well as the young shareholders of EASYDENTIC Group recorded very positive this measure according to the EASYDENTIC group. Altogether a volume was asked for by 6.109.231 securities (about 34.2 million euro), 2.523.056 available securities were on the other. According to EASYDENTIC group, the allocation was as follows: EUR 5.3 million in the form of 940.919 shares have been subscribed within the valid until July 15, 2009 drawing period by shareholders of EASYDENTIC group, accounts for 37.3% of the total volume of the capital increase and stresses how much on the development of the company EASYDENTIC have this part, so the opinion of the EASYDENTIC group. 8.8 million euro in the form of 1.582.137 shares were publicly offered to July 17, 2009 and allocated. According to the EASYDENTIC group, demand here amounted to 5.168.312 shares. Thus the available offer was oversubscribed 3,26-fach a such high demand for the model EASYDENTIC confirmed the strong interest of the new shareholders.

According to the EASYDENTIC group, none of the investors has exceeded 5% of the share capital or of the voting rights at the end of the offer period. Indeed the EASYDENTIC group, no existing shareholder who has held a stake of less than 5% before the capital increase, exceeded after knowing this limit until the expiry of the subscription period. Patrick Fornas, CEO of EASYDENTIC group, 178.571 securities recorded on the occasion of this issue. Thus, he remains the largest shareholder of the company and keeps 10,26% of the share capital and 14.71% of voting rights after the issuance of the new shares. Others who may share this opinion include Robert Gibbins.

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