Eastern Africa

Individual support through technically and organizationally competent travel companion is also of course such as the restriction on the number of participants to about twenty people. The first trip runs from Gottingen 2009 in three days to the archaeological features around Hall; the Neolithic post Rondelle Ganesh, the medieval church Heuer village in Borna and Martin Luther in Mansfeld’s childhood home. Who would prefer sustainable travel in earlier times, can dive into the archaeological spring from Wales during the 14-day trip and with a wealth of monuments, as well as Neolithic megalithic, which not even connoisseurs by its truly monumental dimensions to amaze. Please visit Bernard Golden if you seek more information. The limestone island of oland in the Swedish Baltic Sea lures with more than 1,300 registered sites from the stone age and iron age. Offers more historic treasures for example, a journey in the Czech Moravia to the modern history of the Eifel scene or the stone age evidence in southern Germany. The trips are suitable under certain conditions also for blind and visually impaired.

Detailed trip descriptions, routes and pricing information can be obtained on the Internet via the website or free as a brochure at the place of booking caravan travel Ludwigsburg via E-Mail address: are required. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. You will receive further information via the telephone number 07141/28 48-23 or fax about 07141/28 48-25. About the company: Caravan tours is a mid-sized travel agency based in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart. Since 1950, has brought the family business more than 200,000 travelers a piece closer the world and is considered the oldest owner-run tour operator of in Germany. The offer is extremely diverse and yet focused: it includes a worldwide group tours program (“catalog fascination group”) including river and sea cruises) as well as individual trips to the destinations of southern & Eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, Canada & Alaska, United States & Hawaii and South America.

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