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Social media agency pulp media marketed to over 500,000 fans social media marketing Facebook, so it is done! The use of social media and Web 2.0 in the enterprise communication pays off. How social networks on the Internet can be used quickly and simply closer can make companies or products of a large number of users, proves the online marketing agency pulp media. “” “Their Facebook pages useless knowledge” (or useless facts”in the English-speaking world), Riddle of the day” and catchy tune of the day “daily reach a fan community of well over half a million users and over three million Visual contacts. This Facebook fan pages can be used by companies as a platform for their own campaigns quickly and unobtrusively to submit their brands a large group of people. This sample social media marketing revealed their remarkable efficiency. Pulp media is a renowned online marketing agency that understands it, the media and media of the World Wide Web for themselves and their Customers to use.

This draws pulp media from a dynamic pool of innovative communication opportunities on the Internet and connects them with proven methods of marketing. In this way the relatively young company has very successfully positioned itself in a very short time in the Austrian online marketing scene. In May 2005, the online marketing agency founded by Robert Bogner and Paul Lanzerstorfer and in the summer of 2009 was the establishment of the pulp media media technology and design GmbH in the current office space in Linz. In the following years, the pulp media team was rebuilt and expanded. Today, the company is composed of Robert Bogner, Managing Director and Creative Director, Paul Lanzerstorfer, Managing Director and head of project management, as well as from the head of the research and Development Department Matthias Bauer and Johannes Skrivanek, head of online marketing.

This four-Member core team around pulp media is complemented by seven other employees or employees. It has the well-rehearsed team the task made his, to developing new innovative marketing strategies tailored to be adapted to the individual needs of their customers. It creates with expertise in the field of new media and the use of social media marketing to the introduction and a brand position, a procedure in which pulp media took a pioneering role in Austria, to differentiate themselves from the crowd the emerging online marketing agency. The core competences of pulp media can be divided into the areas of strategy, design, technology and marketing. Extensive expertise and interdisciplinary way of working with extensive skills in the application of various online tools, the Agency helps many customers to solutions and effective online presence. Thanks to the technical possibilities and manage the existing Know-How pulp media, using the correct combination of existing software products, open-source offerings and developments, to implement their projects with clearly measurable and predictable success. As an agency for modern market communication accompanies its customers in the process of marketing pulp media. Especially at this stage, individual customer needs as well as the constant control, adaptation and revision of work processes enjoy highest priority. Pulp media lives and works with all facets of the Internet. By no doubt creativity and the right sense of trends in the dynamics of the Web and the ability to implement innovative concepts, perfectly, that pulp media will win the promising market of online and social media marketing for themselves.

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