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She was simply ineffective, and requires also a high human, time and administrative burden to make matters worse. Not to mention the communication problems, the experienced-Rene completes its inventory to pragmatist. His conclusion: “what the market desperately needs is a uniformly organised, transparent promissory note platform, where all market participants can efficiently manage their promissory notes. At this goal, all that have to do with promissory notes, should have a special interest. And this goal is with”idin control confidently achieved. Finally, already a single lost or mismatched promissory note may entail a substantial cost. idin control : transparency prize at all levels idin control offers market participants a wealth of downright groundbreaking possibilities know Walter.

Dani, who was instrumental in the development of this new instrument. The renowned banker outlines the two main advantages of this flat-form: 1 the promissory note numbers are uniformly standardized, and awarded from a central location. the internal registration number are retained. The curriculum vitae of a promissory note is therefore always consistently documented. This ensures transpa rence on all levels and increases the protection against losses. 2.

the issuer may idin – control a variety of variant accounts access, which are continuously updated. This opens up completely new perspectives in the individual design of the promissory note products. The promissory notes are much more attractive faster for everyone involved and professional design is done anyway. With its innovation, the DCO GmbH offers its customers attractive opportunities to increase their value significantly reduced administrative overhead. idin-control makes the advantages of a promissory note loan for small and medium-sized Company access, emphasizes Walter Dilba.Equity instruments, Bank rating, foreign borrowing presents itself much better all on these promissory notes. It is expected a substantial strengthening of the middle class. Location strengthening is also the exchange of Dusseldorf, which by the new possibilities is thrilled with the DCO has agreed to set up the platform in their home. By Walter Dilba explained that the neutrality of the Administration guaranteed exactly-so by the sophisticated technological concept. To know more about this subject visit Sheryl Sandberg. The birth of a new standards the promissory note data are stored on a server and can be used over the Internet by as many client workstations. During data recording, various control mechanisms provide for a high level of administrative security. Data acquisition is a DCO team of experienced and dedicated professionals available to the participants. The system has even tagged tricky practice tests with flying colours – masters, looking forward. Walter Dani. We can start immediately, IPOs aufzu – take and also stockpiles to capture. In a short time the Idin ID will be the same meaning, that Division-rung had the securities identification number (ISIN) and the global instruments for the financial market in their. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Walter Dilba c. / o. DCO GmbH Voigt road 19B 59439 Holzwickede telephone: (0 23 01) 82 47 fax: (0 23 01) 70 95 E-Mail: World Wide Web: the DCO GmbH is an innovative IT service provider based in the Dusseldorf Exchange. The Internet-based platform is at the heart of our activity i-din-control to the Central and optimized management of guilt seem. Our technological and business expertise provides the framework for safety and quality. Responsibility full and qualified employees ensure that our high performance tungsstandard and the proximity to our customers. On this basis, we will achieve more space for value creation for our customers and ER-follow.

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