Drivers License

Many of whether our frantic pace of life provides an opportunity to spend time driving school? Several months of boring classes, followed by an imminent meeting with the representative of the road inspection. And it is not clear that This meeting will end in your favor: the first attempt to pass an exam to get a driver’s license turned out not all. The prospect of so-so, agree? And if you’re perfectly able to drive, but a driver’s license to still no? After all, many of us, the pope began to introduce the car as a child, seating on her knees and giving ‘steer’. As soon as we grew up dad transplanted to an adjacent passenger seat, and we continued to ‘Tame’ the beast Iron somewhere in the field or in remote posts of traffic police stations. It turns out that driving a car to perfection, you can not have official confirmation of this.

In this case, the optimal output will be a decision to buy a driver’s license. Fortunately, today make it quite simple: get the official driver’s license may be just one week. It is curious that the right to buy will cost you much less than training in a driving school: the average price – 30 000 rubles (note: not considered a bribe!), while the acquisition of rights would cost somewhere in the 20 000. It is worth emphasizing that you will save not only finances but also time, which in our times expensive. A few months later at the gatherings ‘for party’ at the school for future motorists or give papers on the design and a week later to get a driver’s license – choose only to you. Striking is the fact that today easy to not only acquire the rights, but also to restore the existing ones. Reasons why you can lose them – a lot (thanks to a set of rules which have recently so fond of ‘perfect’ representatives our caring government).

But even though it is, you know – you can always return them. When buying a driver’s license you will receive the following documents: 1. Driver’s license 2. Certificate driving school 3. Driver card. With regard to various categories (A, B, C, D), then there is no problem – now you can quickly get a permit for any of them. So you’ve decided to go attend a driving school or for a week and less money acquire the right to drive a car? If you made the right decision, you will need to submit the following documents: 1. Photograph of the main pivot of the passport 2. Photo page of passport with residence permit 3. Color photograph 4. A sample of your signature. It is worth noting that this approach does not need to spend time on the passage of honey. Commission to gather all the necessary documents for your mental sanity and physical health. In our days to get right is possible not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg but also in many other Russian cities. The service seems to be available only for the city, was the rapid development and reached the city with small-and medium- population. So if you are a resident of one of these places, then you have a great opportunity to acquire a driver’s license for a few days!

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