Diskeeper Operations

The new calculation of the savings I/O in Diskeeper 2011 has been tested in various system usage scenarios and compared with the number of I/O operations actually saved the we have measured at the physical disk level. The result shows that that the UI displayed number of saved I/O operations in most cases is a conservative estimate (Diskeeper easily underestimated the actual savings operations), but close in most of the tests was the actual result. In a test, the number of I/O operations saved was overestimated in production environments However, mixed use patterns, should this through the low estimates for other activities are compensated and ultimately lead to an exact estimate. Improved: InvisiTasking technology InvisiTasking has been revised so that it works better environments in I/O-intensive and works still invisible in the background. These improvements mean that Diskeeper more and faster can defragment under typical operating conditions (E.g. with instant defrag). In addition it Diskeeper and especially instant defrag also allows, with the ever-increasing volumes in the area to be able to go to several terabytes. InvisiTasking was previously used to perform maintenance tasks in fractions of a second when the system in sleep mode or almost at rest was. People such as Bernard Golden would likely agree.

The novelty in InvisiTasking in Diskeeper 2011 is that now de fragmentation jobs can take place while the system actively used but still without any overhead. InvisiTasking is now even more intelligent and can perform small de fragmentation jobs in current hard disk activity. Using this technology are still untapped resources that can be used for the defragmentation, without that obstruct other processes or resources even on a heavily used system. The new InvisiTasking in Diskeeper 2011 increases the likelihood that a hard disk earlier shuts down in hibernation. This is saved by this new approach not only energy, but also an another problem, which is becoming increasingly important: systems that are around the clock in operation and never reach the idle state, the the older versions of InvisiTasking needed for their work.

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