DiSG – Trainer Licence For Trainers, Consultants And Coaches

At the Voss + Partner GmbH, Hamburg, can Trai partners and consultants who purchase license to work with the disc personality profile. Trainers, consultants and coaches are in their work repeatedly before the challenge to determine the preferred modes of thinking and behavior styles of people and to do this them vividly. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. For example, during training sessions and seminars. Or career advice. Or in the context of team development activities or personnel selection procedures.

The instruments established in the German-speaking countries, to achieve these objectives, the disc include personality profile not only because it was used over 40 million times, but also because it has a very high reputation and acceptance at the human resources managers in the company. Purchase the license in their work to insert the disc personality profile, trainers, consultants and coaches at the Voss + partner can GmbH. It counts as only one of the rights holder Inscape Publishing Inc., to the three institutes in German-speaking countries, United States, have been authorized to do so, to grant licences for the use of the disc personality profile. Licensing is carried out within the framework of three-day seminars are conducted at regular intervals in Hamburg. Also in-house disc licensing seminars are from Voss + partner offered. During the three-day disc training participants engaged in first again the topic, how different are the people, their needs and value systems; In addition so that certain types of reason there despite all differences, certain ways of thinking and behavior styles prefer. Then, the participants in the handling, as well as working with the disc are trained personality profile so that it is ensured that they professionally put this in the context of its consulting, training and coaching.

Participants include 15 finished training concepts for designing your own training designs with the licensing. Facilities include also a video DVD and training manual. Also included in the package are so-called quick-disc -cards, which benefit from the licensee to the quick assessment of people for example in 4-eyes talks.

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