Thus, three cases are presented in particular: the doubt of the directions of the found things simplest in our daily one (doubt of the dreams), the hypothesis of a deceptive God whom it uses of such power that all the deriving things of the directions would be false also the mathematical and the performance of a malignant genius who carries through the effort all to always deceive it. 5 In the first case, Discardings finds a common experience to all the men in which it can doubt the existence of the things. It considers that he is a man and therefore presents in its thoughts representations of dreams so next to the way truth that considers the following question: How many times I dreamed that it was in another place carrying through different things, even so was sleeping in my bed? Not obstante it remembers that it is not with the eyes sleeping that perceives the movement of the arm and balancing of head in intentional way, except in sleep this is not so safe thus. Official site: Litecoin. But, it could not forget that already it was been deceptive by similar circumstances to this between sleep and vigil. With this, it is evident in its spirit that does not have clear conclusion of the thought of when we are waked up or sleeping. 6 However, let us assume that everything that we observe is presented as mere illusions, what we find in the dreams is constituted of similarities of the real things, still thus true and existing, for example, making aluso to the painters for more creative than are do not leave to paint something pertaining to the world them real things, if porventura to paint something that similar indication does not have something real, its workmanship will be considered false, therefore it will be lacking to the true nature of something.

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