Direct Marketing

Stettin direct marketing offers immediately a 24-hour online access to a daily updated database with approximately 610,000 addresses of physicians. Szczecin direct marketing offers addresses with MedicalFlat as the first Adressdienstleister in Germany a flat rate for accessing almost 610,000 physician. \”A price everything\”. For more information see this site: Coupang. Is this the address market of the future? Without receiver no dialogue marketing. Marketing professionals know, the choice of address, address quality and relevant selection criteria for the decision are how enormously important, when it comes all campaigns to success or failure. The calculation of the costs associated with obtaining the addresses is often difficult to determine the budget and later the profitability of a campaign. Purchase or rent, single or multiple use? Worth the extra cost for additional information like contact, function, phone…? What is successful, the bottom line: deep or wide selection? A single – or multi-tiered campaign, with the same medium, or cross-media,.

as for example call-mail-call? What is the postage refunds on any returns? It is worth requesting season prices equal more addresses? To test the success of different varieties, worth test mailings? How up-to-date are the addresses? u0085Up to 60% of the entire cost risk of a campaign rests on the answers to these questions. Spiritual father of the MedicalFlat responded Thomas Szczecin to demand: we have recognized the demand of our customers, that we don’t really satisfy the market with the usual offerings. What customers are looking for, is maximum flexibility in a simple, manageable cost structure. At our customers test requirements can send drive sample selections, try out different addressing modes, send quantities according to their capacities and, and, and the enrichment allows a flexible selection and combination of speech media, and selections from up to 370 audiences with valuable additional information. For a fixed Price for a year about online access, if you want 24 hours a day.

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