Direct Marketing

Contrary to general opinion, RSS meets the needs of direct marketing, even the most demanding, actually provides most of what e-mail marketing is, except for the strong push factor. Most direct marketing reasons against RSS are in fact the result of inadequate understanding of RSS by most marketers. Messages of a scheduled and autoresponder There are already some services and software packages on the market that allow you to program and autoresponder messages via RSS. Once the visitor subscribes to your special RSS feed, you may receive a default set of messages in a specific time frame determined by you. Use these messages to welcome your new reader of your RSS feed, thanks to its new customer after the purchase, we will send additional information about the ordered product and give you the opportunity to buy an additional product at a lower price to a couple of days later, and so on. b RSS RSS metrics can actually be monitored: no clue in the number of subscribers, their reading habits, frequency of reading for your clickthrough rates and activities after clicking through your feed. This includes tracking which of your RSS feeds have the best results are more interesting for your readers and increase sales … and the same for individual content items.

c message of guidance from RSS feeds can be generated dynamically according to each user, you can easily track the interests of their individual subscribers and target marketing messages directly to them, making each message relevant to their needs and interests in order to increase their sales success. d Customizing messages If you generate your RSS feeds for each individual user, you can also customize these foods. Basic personalization includes elements such as the name of the reader, while more advanced personalization might include personalized content and product recommendations and so on. e Data capture E-mail marketing have become experts in the use of “opt-in forms to get as much information as possible perspective, the name of the perspective, interests, current products are using his current position in the buying cycle and so on. RSS can be used in the same way, giving their visitors access to the RSS feed only after you complete a simple or complex opt-in form. This may work with the e-zine subscriptions, as well as forms that require visitors to register either fill in your website or download your free report or white paper. Good news for direct marketers is that these functions are already available many RSS publishing / marketing solutions, available at very acceptable prices, accessible even to smaller companies.

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