Digital Gift

When you’re a mother, as a general rule you usually surround yourself with other mothers by that at some point will have to make some gift, either for parents or for the offspring. An excellent idea that could serve you for a gift at the same time quite functional and economic might be a digital photo album. First of all, must have access to a series of photographs of the parents before and after childbirth and above all many, many photographs of children. Once we have that collection of photographs, the next step is to download the Hofmann program. Although it may seem difficult at first do not be alarmed, it is very simple.

We will have to install it and then it will be as simple to use as a breeze. Select the song from our album and from that moment we will be able to define on each page which photos we want to include, adjust sizes and where we want to put them. If you not built on the same day absolutely nothing will happen, we can save your changes and continue whenever you want. The program gives us lots of flexibility and to help us to create the album the more personalized you want. Once finished, to any parent will love having a custom album where you can see a bit of her life and, more importantly, surely your children, as they grow, also enjoy the wonderful gift that is to travel to the past in a very original way. I have done several album for amigas mias (new mothers) and the experience has been very rewarding.

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