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The most popular marketing textbook begins by noting that the early edition of a textbook called "Introduction to the teaching of economics sales". The concept of "economy marketing (Absatzwirtschaft) includes production and non- units, as well as measures needed to overcome the tension between the production of goods and their use or consumption (Nieschlag, Dichtl & Hoerschgen, 1997). Then the concept of "economics sales" has been replaced by marketing Marketing), as increased understanding of the economic activities of the sales. The value of marketing and sales of economy due to the fact that, on the one hand, in the middle of the twentieth century problems of industrial firms were no longer in production, but rather the field of marketing, and, on the other hand, the rising cost of distribution decreased successes achieved in the field of production. According to Meffert distinguish 4 stages of marketing development: focus on sales, the phase of strategic marketing orientation phase of production, customer orientation and marketing.

Today, organizations have a different opinion on how to deal with marketing. – Phase-oriented production is characterized by mass production and the predominance of demand over supply. Marketing problems are limited to selling goods in the sense of distribution. – During the orientation phase of the sales ratio of supply and demand changes there is a shift toward consumer markets. Buyer's market occurs when those who suggest that more efforts than the potential consumers.

The market vendors, on the contrary, a trend, that consumers are making more efforts than the offered goods. However, as before, the task of marketing is to sell what was produced. This phase of aggressive selling. – Phase marketing or customer orientation characterized by further increased competition. The first step is to investigate and influence consumer behavior. – The fourth phase of strategic marketing, dates back seventies years. For strategic marketing orientation is typical for all market partners. Marketing sales, customer-oriented marketing efforts by public procurement and marketing (publicmarketing). "Strategic Marketing" claims that success depends not only on customer orientation, but also determined the relationship to the various sources of procurement, competitors in the market and the general public.

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