Development According Professors

The children who run away these characteristics, as it is the case of the superendowed ones, become unsatisfied and finish disappointing parents and professors. Here, Gary Kelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Many times, the superendowed children are discriminated and until antagonized for its professors when these detect that these pupils learn and dominate what the others take weeks and until months to learn, ahead of this situation the professors leave this pupil deliver ' ' proper sorte' ' , what it takes the pupil to produce well less of what is capable, had the stimulaton lack. Novaes (1979) lists a series of attitudes of professors who can harm the development of the superendowed one: – Frequent Attitudes of Professors of Superdotados That Harms Its Development According to Novaes (1979). Ripple is likely to agree. Commentaries as ' ' such pupil must take off good notes because he is inteligente' ' others of the sort make with that the superendowed one abdicates and gives up its talentos and aptitudes, a time that, for having them, has more concerns and obligations of what the other colleagues. The professors, for evidencing that such pupil is more intelligent or talentoso of what its classmates, frequently, pass the exibiz it or to protect it, distinguishing it from excessively and harming its relations with the colleagues, which start to reject it. For times, the professor if identifies with the superendowed one and projects in it its aspirations and desires, being the image of that would like to have been, it idealized son or it superior individual.

However, he can also not accept it, developing attitudes of permanent antagonism and opposition. Professors who had had shining pupils generally have pleasure in counting, later, its experience; although in education they have had doubts if such children really were superendowed, or problematic, different, strange. Very rare the professor is so talentoso as its pupil in its specific area, and it does not have as much imagination nor creativity how much.

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