My experience with English started being rather frustrating. When he was a child, I received in college English classes and I must admit that during my years of primary equation awning noticeably. Since then, during these years is when better rests the base of English. The problem comes when it continues to advance courses and provide no new knowledge. I’ve been a victim of this situation: throughout my training in compulsory secondary education, saw how the imparted knowledge were exactly the same to those who had received during the primary. Initially, this situation not worried me too. Finally, after all, English was not one of my priorities in life. When I finished my studies, I got a good job, I felt comfortable doing it and, above all, I felt full, because it worked in my field of specialty.

For a few years, everything was extremely; However, things changed when the company began to arrive my same job workers with a level of exquisite English. They began to demonstrate that with the language they could perform many more activities and to develop the business of the Department and I saw me in a somewhat unpleasant tessitura. Finally, I decided to study English and, most importantly, speak it. So I opted to go to England and learn English for a few months. The experience was unique and unforgettable and, today, I speak English at a near-native level. For this reason, I recommend that if you want to talk about it, you go abroad and make an English course. In that sense, England is a perfect destination that is also located a step away from Spain.

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