Denmark Refrigerators

Such developments do not have counterparts in the West. The new models were present shelves, height adjustable, different direction of opening, removable door handle, door opening limiter, adjustable roller bearings, etc. These solutions were subsequently used by many manufacturers. In the 80 years begins actively application of electronic control devices. As a result, household refrigerator will turn into an automatic machine, which required almost no maintenance. During this period, are low-temperature refrigerator without Branch (refrigerated cabinets), built-in refrigerators and freezers, such as "table", the combined refrigerator-freezers, high-capacity, three-compartment refrigerators, refrigerated display cabinets with transparent doors, etc.

Appears "Oka-6, the first model of a twin-refrigerator with a glass cabinet for drinks, which was located on the inner panel of the freezer and dispenser. Leaning glass of a button, you can pour the cool juice or other beverage without opening the refrigerator door. This model remained popular until the late 90's. In the 90 years the production of refrigerators sharply reduced. The domestic market is flooded with imported models, for example, Bosh and Siemens, which have become popular thanks to heavy advertising.

Perhaps the only domestic brand at the time was 'Stinol' Hardware which, however, were not produced in Russia and shipped from Japan, Denmark and France. Present Modern refrigerators left little room for imagination. Today the refrigerator is not necessarily white and rectangular. He may be black, red, metallic colors, retro or hi-tech, with Wooden or marble. The form of the refrigerator can also be different from the classical to the most unusual. If you not afraid to experiment and have a good sense of humor, the market can even find a refrigerator in the form of a penguin, which will surely love your children. Those who do not like to bother unnecessary movements, fit refrigerator with a special panel on the door, which at the touch becomes transparent, showing its contents. In Japan, bold designers went further, introducing a fully transparent model of refrigerator. For environmentally conscious consumers are offered a model with an antibacterial coating. Today, there are refrigerators with built-panel TVs, refrigerators and marquetry for lovers of luxury refrigerators with a special coating on which we can safely draw the marker and leave instructions to their households, as well as models of a new generation of lcd touch screens that allow to record voice messages and use cookbooks or tables of calories, as well as to regulate the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. However, such "advanced" models are available is not for everyone, so most buyers preference for reliable models from Bosh and Siemens, while buyers with high income choose from these popular refrigerators German manufacturers like Miele, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Kuppersbusch. This is entirely justified, since these producers on the right considered the best, combining in their models of excellent quality, convenience, environmental friendliness and ultra-modern design.

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