Deferred Payment

Deferred payment (1978, P. 168) affirms that ' ' The freedom is one to make that it carries through one ser' '. 1 FREEDOM AS SOLITUDE For Sartre, the freedom feeling is not characteristic of the groups acolhedores, nor of the joy in sharing this feeling with friends. In contrast, it is a natural feeling of the solitude state. The freedom, according to Sartre, approaches in them to the solitude, as well as of the atrelados negative feelings to the feeling of the solitude. We can perceive this association in its workmanship ' ' The age of razo' ' , where Sartre quotation that: ' ' It was alone, in the way of a monstrous silence, and only exempts, without aid nor excuse, condemned to decide itself without I forever appeal possible, convicted to the freedom. ' ' (Sartre, 1986, P.

214). In this stretch of the workmanship the association between the freedom and the solitude, and its negative implications of the conviction feeling can be perceived. Corroborating with this stretch and this sensation of conviction, meets n? The Existencialismo is a Humanismo the phrase that in informs of this same conviction to them, where Sartre affirms that we are condemned to be free. Thus, the freedom is not a choice ours, is obliged to act in compliance with our condition of free beings. Amongst all choices that we can make, do not have as to choose not to be free. 2 FREEDOM AS RESPONSIBILITY Is possible to perceive in some workmanships of Sartre the association of the freedom with the responsibility. For Sartre, if we are free, then we are also only responsible for all our attitudes, beneficial or not. The responsibility of our acts does not happen on social institutions as the religion, the laws or still the determinismo. In contrast, we are the responsible ones for the committed acts and must answer for them.

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