A data interface generates the accounting-relevant data of the paid accounts receivable / accounts payable, in import-compatible way, for the accounting of your tax consultant / accountant. The second data interface allows import of all payment-related data for the vendors in an online banking software data. This avoids the repeated input of transfer data of any kind there. This interface complies with the directives z N T R A L R K R D I T A U S S C H U S s, which have been recognized by all banks and savings banks. In the module payment transactions in the freight forwarding software all incoming and outgoing payments with only 3 clicks are logistics 3000, quickly and easily managed. Because the software has the capacity – universal records – all data – without further input – are already available for very fast order entry (approx.

1 min. per order) Available automated order processing of shipping software, and also in all other modules. Prepared by an optimal programming, they form the basis of data for a possible complete automation of individual modules and parts of the program. The achieved time savings through the use of this software is enormous. The administrative work in the Office is accelerated significantly, which made investment pays for itself in no time. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is the source for more interesting facts.

All reminders can be sent not only by post, but also as a PDF e-mail attachment reach the recipient. A similarly powerful PDF software is supplied free of charge by DatLogistik. According to various criteria, such as due date and customers, is sorted by the fully automated creation of numerous lists and reports, an optimal overview of the respective assets and liabilities with just one click.

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