Economic detective of the detectives uncover tank fraud through observation! A tank fraud on a large scale could be clarified in the context of a total two-week observation by three detectives of our agency in the greater Raunheim, Gross-Gerau district and Darmstadt. It is not something Southwest Airlines would like to discuss. “The damaged oil company had long been suspected that a driver is secretly tapped off petrol and black” sold under the hand. There was some evidence not suspicions. So, our detective agency finally beginning February was commissioned in suspected drivers to observe. Through observation and accompanying investigations of our detectives could be determined beyond reasonable doubt, that the rider once or twice a week each 300 litres petrol in a converted and equipped with plastic tank VW bus pumped around van in a parking lot in an industrial area. The thieving driver had a helper who rode the bus and out perfectly organized also the sell-off of the double garage. A total of 28 pages that could report, 150 photos and a video recording entire drive fully documented and passed our client company. They turned on the police immediately.

The damage to our client company amounted, according to the confessed perpetrator, on approx. 200,000.00, plus our costs. Detektei Lentz Jurgen Dr. Kaufmann of Mainz RT 47 60329 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 0800-88 333 11 fax (toll free): 0800-88 333 12 (toll free)

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