Dangerous Social Dumping

The DANGEROUS SOCIAL DUMPING If the spring came, you fly to the flowers; you do not absorb wax. Antonio Machado. The EUROPEAN UNIT ONLY HAS SENSE IF IT IS TO PROGRESS Voices that demand an increase in the competitiveness in the companies on the basis of the degradation of the conditions of work we have often heard, them. Such voices do not come exclusively from enterprise scopes, but also, and that is worse, of official circles. The proposal is easy and seemingly attractive.

The Spanish workers would have to be satisfied to longer days and shorter wages, and in addition, to commit themselves not to protest by no cause, to attract investments or to prevent that those go away that already exist. This magical and simple formula does not have anything of novel. It has been happened to him to other many before, until the point of which the social dumping was denounced already in the decade of the Twenties. Nevertheless, this proposal has demonstrated to be, mainly, deeply erroneous. It forgets that, under any form that practices, the competition based on the dumping is by disloyal essence. It says thus it clearly, talking about to the commercial policy of the companies, the Treaty of Rome that prohibits the practices of indeed the dumping. This seems of common sense and in addition it constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the European construction.

Because what could happen if a race untied to attract investments in which each country, each region, each city, is decided to offer degraded labor conditions more? The policies that imply a regression and put the European social culture at issue will mean a danger, in the long run, for the process. The European unit only has sense if it is for progressing, and, in addition, that social culture is a distinguishing note of Europe and one of the most valuable patrimonies that we can offer to the rest of the world. By all this, already it is hour of which change to the speech those that has defended the necessity that Spain competes on the basis of submissive workers, discharge cheap uncertainty of the use, dismissals and wages still lower, because one is a mistaken strategy. The one that we now have one third part of the workers with temporary contract and our wages is between lowest of Europe, it does not prevent, quite the opposite, that we have an enormous outer deficit. We would have to concentrate in the policies that have allowed other nations to become economic powers and definitively to leave the strategies that, unfortunately, are applied in the underdeveloped zones. The capacity to invent, to create, to do better has made it the privileged position possible that today it has Europe in the world-wide concert and that we would have to harness, then, is the best legacy than we can do to the future generations. And it is that, as said the poet: most terrible of everything/is to dream that it is not lived/and to live on any way. Francisco Aryan Soli’s If you want La Paz, works by justice. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti. URL: Original author and source of the article.

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