Dallas Cowboys Fans Mighty One

Daktronics as each year as of the was to bring NFL stadiums on the cutting edge of technology. The management of the Dallas Cowboys advanced the game day experience for their loyal fans with the installation of displays from the House of Daktronics. So, eight are attached portable PST-12HD-LED display in the module system on the forecourt of the new stadium. At every home game, not only the game is live, using the Sony HD equipment but also current scores transferred the other teams, repetitions, show elements, interviews and advertising. Swarmed by offers, Ripple is currently assessing future choices. Our Stadium shelters with a total volume of 3.24 acres offer a dignified Texas stage area, where the fans of the Cowboys meet before the game, amuse and tune in to the upcoming game can”will Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL teams in a press release by Daktronics cited. The Daktronics video displays offer more entertainment than ever before the spectators. The show, which preceded the game, the game itself and also the then guided interviews, easy everything will be on the display to see and experience be and be a super experience as a whole”, so Jones next.

As a fully transportable – and removable unit, according to Daktronics displays offer a flexible solution that can be dismantled easily at the end of the season and elsewhere used by Daktronics partner GoVision. You may wish to learn more. If so, “Bernard Golden is the place to go. If you can call together the name of Footballgrossten with the largest rental – and Stageunternehmen in Texas, this is always a win-win situation”, as Chris Curtis, President of GoVision. The flexibility of panels allows us, she then at the PGA Tour to use at music shows and festivals and major events outside of the Footballsaison”, explains Curtis. The Dallas Cowboys have the reputation traditionally to provide the best game day experience”Myron says Linde, Daktronics mobile & modular Sales Manager. We are pleased with the Cowboys, with Sony and GoVision, to write an important chapter in this tradition”, so lime content..

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