Dagmar Haid

The author has is based on the universal intellectual contexts, which connect all life. Any reader can This extraordinary study through life his own dark sides recognize and replace with new impulses, or add, to make his life more harmonious. It is the author very close to the heart, that every person through faith, love and hope can find back to his true zest for life. Anyone who is brave and willing to engage on this celestial guidance, will experience miracles in his life, because the truth will set you free. Therein lies the wonderful. This is possible, so the author, we open our hearts to all living and love it. Then, people are entitled to get free tickets to paradise, because love never separates, but combines all life. “This book gives many suggestions and messages, always to trust his feeling, because there are perceptions that flow from the immortal innermost Christ Center through our hearts to us and us towards more quality of life, power and pleasure” level.

Should it succeed, to find back to our roots, we recognize inevitably the illusion of life and have the opportunity to rise above ourselves in a new conscious freedom and love into it. This is our real task: to feel us responsible even for a fulfilled life because there is true peace. Only who found inner peace for themselves, can live the peace in the world and pass the next. “This can finally get the motto: love God above all and your neighbour as yourself” be lived. Free ticket to paradise Dagmar Haid ISBN 978-3-937568-98-0 260 pages, paperback, spirit Rainbow publishing, 17.50 the book in February 2008 appeared. “Back-cover text: Dagmar Haid author describes in her second book based on the fable of good nose, a strong-willed lucky mouse, humorous a study trip”, to experience the love and the truth of life.

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