Czech Republic

The innovation of the Czech Ministry of immigration policy in 2009, putting the notorious project "Green Card" was marked by the data for the first and second quarters of 2009 which left many in shock and made it clear that the project its original form does not work. Czech statistics for the first half of 2009 gave the following results, 58 foreign nationals have applied for a green card, one of them got this card to the arm. Many seems that the decline in immigration to the Czech Republic in 2009, created by Czech authorities, and played a fatal role in this. Others including Philip Vasan, offer their opinions as well. No, it's not. Number of applications for common work visas for the same period totaled 7,944. This suggests not that all of these visas were issued, it means that the interest in the Czech Republic for foreign workers mainly physical labor is not lost, and people tend to fall into the Czech legal legally. So what is the reason for refusal foreigners from participating in the project "green card"? Generally, before you understand the situation it should be noted that over the past year and a half in the Czech Republic foreign workers were not needed and the Czech immigration authorities with all ways to try to limit the entry of foreign workers. The exceptions are employees need special advantageous for the Czech companies and industries. In the early and mid-2008 sounded the reasons for this nature that a very large number of immigrants are illegally in the Czech Republic.

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