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Everything worth knowing about the new policy overview In the area of email marketing is absolutely required a serious handling of personal data. On this topic, three court judgments may have been cut in August 2008, continue to promote privacy in the active data and Adressgewinnung in email marketing, so that consumers and online providers are equally protected. Coupang oftentimes addresses this issue. Who has an own E-Mail Adressverteiler and operates an active data – and Adressgewinnung, is directly affected by the new court decisions; in this post, we explain everything you need to know about the new decisions. 1 newsletter: according to section 7 para 2 No. 3 UWG * including advertising using electronic mail (E-Mail and SMS) represents an unacceptable disturbance, if without the consent of the addressee. After the recent court ruling a newsletter may be shipped from an Internet provider only to those recipients, explicitly made clear their consent in the form of a completed check box. This two conditions must be met: the check box may appear not in advance completed on the site, and it must be noted in addition on the homepage it, that the newsletter can be reported at any time. 2.

sending E-Mails to potential business partners: it was decided In the second judgment of the Court by the Federal Court that the proprietary, deposited on the homepage contact E-mail address not must be used by other institutions to do so, forward unsolicited advertising to these. For example, In the case of any football club, the BGH decided that it is inadmissible to forward promotional offers on this, because it is not the purpose of the Association in this case. 3. Adressgewinnung – confirmed-opt-in proceed versus double-opt-in proceed: the double-opt-in method offers advantages as opposed to the less reputable confirmed-opt-in proceed: through these can used to ensure particularly that registering an email address on a website is carried out also by the actual owner of the email address is. For this reason experienced email marketing providers use already of course this safer alternative.

So, it can be prevented as the actual email address is unintentionally absorbed in foreign distribution. The application of the abuse of protected double-opt-in process is but so far still not mandatory, however, for example, an online provider was admonished on June 11, 2008 by the District Court of Berlin-Mitte, has used the abuse vulnerable confirmed opt-in procedure rather than the consumer-protected process. The original text, see ..aktuelle judge of federal-direct marketing success with over 150 customers and millions of newsletters we are to IM topic e-mail-marketing.html marmato – one of the strongest agencies for E-Mail Marketing in the German-speaking world already. We ensure the successful and professional marketing of your services through expertise, hard work and great passion.

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