Currency Market Report

Today news are published on the GBP, CAD and USD, which generally affect. Retail Sales of England, which measure the change in sales at minorista.El report is published monthly. The figure is an important indicator of the health of the British economy as it determines the level of consumer spending each month. The data came -0.3% against the previous figure of 0.6%. This weakened the pound which fell over 100 pips. At 12:00 GMT, publishes the consumer price index in Canada. This report is seen as a good indicator that measures inflation in the country. The higher the outcome, the greater the likelihood that affects interest rates.

The figure of 0.1% last month left more or less in line with previous months. Consequently, there has been a rise in inflation, causing a rise in interest rates is almost impossible. Analysts predict an outcome of around 0.2% this month. While this would represent an increase compared to last month, is likely which is not large enough to have a significant impact on inflation in Canada. Therefore, the Canadian dollar is likely to remain stalled at the moment. At 13:30 GMT, published the data from the U.S. on Unemployment Claim This data shows the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits last week.

The figure is an important indicator of the health of the U.S. economy. Overall, low unemployment figures are good for the dollar. This week, analysts expect a figure of around 466K. This marks a decrease in the number of Americans claiming unemployment insurance. If the figure given is correct, the dollar could strengthen against the major.

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