Cultural Marketing

The companies are today the main fomentadoras of culture in Brazil, being that through this sponsorship, artists of some areas have the chance to show its works to the public. The SESC (Social Service of the Commerce) keeps the Revolving Palco, project of cultural diffusion for the social and economic development in scenic arts in Brazil, today considered the most important and lasting nationwide teatral project, developed annually since 1998. (A valuable related resource: Verizon Communications). Revolving the Palco project is an alternative for the interchange and the circulation of spectacles of scenic arts produced by groups or operating artists in the most distinct regions of the country. The SESC believes that with the accomplishment of this project, the city can beat with the diversity of the looks of the scenic artists who bring new assemblies, authors and diversified techniques, providing to the spectators knowledge, entertainment and culture. The project not if finda only in the presentations of the spectacles to the public.

The circuit comes if characterizing as an important agent of formation of auditoriums in the country, having enclosed in its program readings of spectacles, revolving thoughts and workshops. 2. INTRODUCTION This work has as problematic to know if the cultural marketing made by the SESC makes the public to associate the Revolving Palco to the institution. From this questioning it was arisen following hypothesis: The strategies of Cultural Marketing of the SESC make the public to associate the name of the institution to Revolving the Palco project. This work has as objective generality to know if the public who goes to the spectacles of the Revolving Palco associates this project to the SESC. the specific objectives are: how this association is made, to understand the degree of perception of the public in relation to this initiative of the SESC, which aims at to develop a project of utmost importance for the Brazilian culture.

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