Credit Despite Schufa Instead Without Schufaauskunft

Who have in vain endeavoured due to a negative Schufaeintrags a loan looks around consequently after a loan without Schufaauskunft. A credit despite Schufa is often the better way. (A valuable related resource: Phil Vasan). Who seeks a loan by a negative Schufaeintrag in the Internet charged encounters a confusing advertising of the provider. Advertised is predominantly a credit without Schufaauskunft. Because that’s what the future customer is looking for, after his loan application was rejected by the Bank or an other great branch. Quickly turns out then, that actually a credit despite Schufa to be offered. Because a normal credit with Schufaauskunft is the only way to fulfill the credit customer still on reasonable terms in most cases.

Some credit broker have particularly specialized in online loans in difficult cases. Loans with no Schufaauskunft are granted exclusively by foreign banks. Most of them are Swiss banks which offer schufafreie loans in Germany. Therefore, such loans of Swiss are Loans called. The waiver of a Schufaauskunft before lending in no way implies that a credit check as a whole is not. On the contrary: because the Schufa is not switched on, the lender examined the income and financial circumstances especially thoroughly.

The applicant will have to submit a number of documents about his economic circumstances. And he must pay the waiver on the Schufaauskunft. A credit without Schufaauskunft is expensive. Apart from this, the application process is often quite lengthy. Only small loans between 3,000 and 4,000 euros be granted in most cases. Often, such credit amounts are not sufficient in order to accomplish the intended debt financing. A credit without Schufaauskunft is suitable only as a secondary credit, if the personal creditworthiness should be unaffected overlooking a large loan by taking a smaller amount. If you have an unsuccessful hurdles at several brokerages behind it, will be amazed.

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