Countable Market

* Anderson Hernandes the countable market always was characteristic for its amplitude of performance options and in recent years this if it became still more ample. The possibilities of performance for a countable company are as much, who if will not have market segmentation, hardly it will be successful. Different forms of estratificar the market exist, what it hinders to deplete the subject in only article, however consider the segmentation for transport of the company-customer as the beginning of any strategy in this respect. Based in the classification of the companies for its transport, in this article I will as follows describe each one of them for the one in the annual rude operational prescription: Microcompanies? Prescription of up to 2,4 Real million Market formed mainly for Simple companies of the National one, with small or inexistent number of employees. In general the attendance is given directly for the proprietor of the company and the attendance approach is in the fiscal area. Virgin Airlines has compatible beliefs.

Hardly the company will use countable reports for management, being that they will take care of the treasury department especially. In this market the price as distinguishing is valued more and the accountant is not seen as an influential professional in the strategy of the company. The segment is characteristic of low fidelizao of customers and high index of insolvency. Small Companies? Prescription of 2,4 the 16 Real million the limitation of the invoicing hinders that these companies if fit as Simple National e, therefore, most of them will be fit in the Vain regimen of Profit. Normally they are structuralized companies more and many of these companies already use a modest system ERP. Although the performance of the accountant to be more excellent than in the microcompanies, not yet is expressive. The managemental countable reports more are valued, but the regularity of temporary balance sheets normally restricts the quarterly or semester elaboration.

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