Corporate Assurance Through International Marketing

Still, the internationalization is a crucial key to the independence of a company of business cycles and certain customers. Biberach/Seekirch, the December 21, 2009 – the internationalization is a crucial key to the independence of a company of business cycles and certain customers. Many an entrepreneur in particular in the fields of energy supply, of environmental protection or different health areas was and is excellently by the still continuing difficult economic situation. In addition to the fact that these industrial sectors of national interest, this was a not inconsiderable percentage because that many of these companies have worldwide connections, brought even a growth in the crisis. This is international business but also for every medium-sized companies (in particular mechanical engineering) by very small, to set up wider to very large essential to his company and for example by connecting to others Markets also more market information to have, than just from Germany and possibly adjacent areas. What are other advantages? The size of the available market is growing and so the revenue / profit opportunities, because in many market segments are always still relatively unknown lead German products information from international markets and the local customers to new approaches at the supplier and have positive influence on the development of new or design of existing products as a result grows often the usability of products such as also in other market segments – and also on the national market, new can and other customers are the companies gaining Reputation grows, is thus also if necessary.

interesting for potential German customers and has the ability to continue through additional income to expand not only the European Union, but also the Federal Government and a variety of associations provide a range for the intensification of international business by Funding available, because thus the macroeconomic stability is growing. However a very accurate idea should exist already at the beginning of the internationalization, which markets have the potential and on what channel this cost can be opened up. Only the most economical use of funds is secured. The required data (from market analysis to the customer analysis to the necessary marketing projects and steps) are summarized in a marketing plan, which includes not only the existing marketing activities and goals, but at the same time as schedule ‘ can serve for the company and if necessary. also a plan B’ contains, if plan A’ doesn’t work that way, as calculated previously. Assistance at all stages of the internationalization features the internationally experienced marketing and sales consultant Michael Richter – Seekirch in Baden Wurttemberg. Mr. Richter is dedicated to small – and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in particular and are first Information on his website.

The country experiences can be found the page. Biography/Vita Michael Richter is an independent consultant specializing in strategic marketing of capital goods and durable consumer goods. His experience refers to all distribution channels, including direct sales, distribution, partnerships, Internet marketing and more. He has more than 18 years of experience as a consultant and worked by the SMEs before more than 10 years in senior executive positions in various industries through to large enterprises. It supports companies of all sizes – from the strategic monitoring of the market – research, marketing planning and objectives for sales, to the implementation of his recommendations – worldwide. In addition, he holds internal lectures on all aspects of international marketing. His knowledge of the country resulting from the occupation in/for more than 50 countries on all 5 continents. Marketing and sales consulting international Michael Richter 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany

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